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Classic Sprint

On Monday, Far West juniors, as well as skiers from nine other regions of the country competed in a classic sprint at Soldier Hollow, Utah, site of the 2002 Olympic Games. For results of today’s racing, you can check out Summit Timing’s website.

What you can’t see there is how fast the snow was this morning, how blue the sky, how amped up our athletes were, while they raced, but especially while their teammates were racing, how proud our first-year racers were of their skiing, how humbled our first-year athletes were by the fierce competition, how many different waxes our kick testers tried throughout the day, how many of our kids stayed at the race venue for hours after their day was over to cheer on their teammates, how hot it got in the California-like sun, how slow everyone’s skis got in the rapidly transforming snow, how bright red some of our boys’ faces burned due to insufficient sunblock–no, for that you’d have had to have been here.

Mass start skate races on Wednesday. Tomorrow we ski Wednesday’s 5km course, which is nearly the same as the Olympic course, altered by the lack of snow. More later.