Free Laser Biathlon Open Course this Saturday at TXC

Laser Biathlon Course open to the public at no charge this Saturday at Tahoe XC! 

No snow! No worries!
Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area and Tahoe Peak Endurance will be hosting a Laser Biathlon “do-it-yourself” Mt. Biking and/or running course this Saturday January 14th at Tahoe XC Ski Area from 10:30am-2:30pm. Six biathlon stations, a penalty lap and a main lap will be set up between these hours to give you the opportunity to try your hand at biathlon. Bring your bike and/or running shoes to test your endurance and accuracy at this fun and safe outdoor event.

Some biathlon facts:

  • It is the most popular winter sport watched on European TV
  • Skiers average about 4 minutes per mile when racing
  • Heart rates on the ski course reach 180 beats per minute
  • Missing the correct wax and improper ski base preparation will cost a racer more time lost than missing a target
  • The best nations in biathlon are Germany, Norway and Russia
  • The rifle weighs about 8 pounds but feels much heavier when one skis uphill

Volunteers needed. Contact us at (530) 583-5475 or