Biathlon 2010

Fourth Annual Mammoth Winter Biathlon.

This year the biathlon range will be at the Slash Pit at the end of Lake Mary Road and north of Horseshoe Lake. We are very excited about the new location because it allows us to have the official Olympic and World Cup 50-meter shooting distance. Additionally, we will have enough room to have twenty shooting lanes. We will still have 25-meter shooting distance for Juniors and Beginner Adults. The Slash Pit also allows us to have shooting range and penalty laps all easily viewable from the spectator area.

The Fourth Annual Mammoth Winter Biathlon will be a three-day event. Friday, 25 March we will have three Biathlon Clinics all using the 25-meter range. The morning clinic is for Adults. The midday clinic is for Disabled Sports and Wounded Warriors. The afternoon clinic is for Juniors.

Saturday, 26 March will feature Juniors ages 8 to 15 (J5-J2) and Beginner Adults races. Juniors ages 8-9 (J5) will ski 3 kilometers plus penalty laps. Juniors ages 10-15 (J4-J2) and Beginner Adults will ski 6k plus penalty laps. All racers Saturday will shoot at 25 meters. Saturday afternoon we will have a Biathlon Clinic with the range reconfigured to 50 meters. Podium Awards Ceremony for Saturday races will be at The Village Saturday evening.

Sunday, 27 March will start with Intermediate and Advanced Adults and Juniors ages 16-19 (J1 & JO) skiing 10k plus penalty laps. Next will be our three Marquee events: Wounded Warriors, National Guard, and Elite. All racers on Sunday will shoot at 50 meters.

ESNSA will provide rifles and ammunition. The rifles will be left at the shooting range–you do not need to carry a rifle when you ski. If you own your own rifle, you can carry it while you ski if you like or you can leave it at the range. New this year are eighteen brand-new kids biathlon rifles purchased with Town of Mammoth Lakes Measure R funds.