Glenn Jobe

Far West Nordic Wax Clinic

Glenn Jobe Saturday December 10, 2011
1:00pm at Auburn Ski Club

Far West Nordic’s comprehensive waxing clinic will be conducted by two of the area’s foremost wax gurus: Glenn Jobe and Ralph Johnson.
Glenn and Ralph have decades of experience testing various kick and glide wax products from most manufacturers. The Tahoe area experiences challenging waxing conditions due to wide fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and the water content of the snow not only during the course of a season, but during the course of an individual race. From dealing with these challenging conditions, Glenn and Ralph have found that the products of some wax manufacturers work well in certain conditions, while the products of other wax companies work best in other conditions. Their learnings will be shared as well as their know how of how best to apply which types of waxes and how to decide which base structure is best under which conditions. The clinic will cover both kick and glide waxing, but there will be somewhat more focus on kick waxing.

Details on our Masters Clinics page.

Online registration is now closed. Walk ins welcome.