The 3 Junior National qualifier races this season were the ASC Classic Sprints, Allan Bard Classic, and the ASC Presidents’ Cup.
At this time we have 29 athletes, plus 9 coaches heading to Soldier Hollow from March 3-10.
Pending acceptance of their spot on the team, the following are the athletes that qualified for the Far West Nordic Junior National Team for 2012.
Thanks to all who participated in the races this season.
Way to Go Team!

J2 Girls:  Bria Riggs, Gabrielle Rinne, Savannah Blide, Amanda Kirkeby, Skyler Flora, Danielle Nivinski, Camille Hartley, Tara Gallant***
J1 Girls:  Katrin Larusson, Cassidy Cichowicz, Laurel Fiddler, Joelle Romo, Raylene Chew
OJ Girls: *Melanie Swick, *Annika Taylor, **Joanne Reid
J2 Boys: Sam Zabell ,Peter Holmes, Dylan Syben, Julien Bordes, Peter Carroll, Evan Vomund, Eli Yale
J1 Boys:  Patrick Mcelravey, Jordan Mcelroy, Shane Christian, Branden Deeter, Alex Koptyko, *Joe Piercy
OJ Boys: *Austin Meng
J3 Boys: *Brandon Herhusky

* = Accepted via Petition Process
** = Accepted via Automatic Qualification
***=Qualified but did not accept

Complete JO standings.