That wonderful time of the year..

When we get to start skiing again. It wasn’t much or pretty but it was still really awesome. Thanks to Auburn Ski Club for doing a lot with a little snow.


Here’s Franz getting it done.


Also now that we have stepped up from being farmers to elite skiers, it was time we had our own logo. Many thanks to all those who put it together and I must confess I have already ordered stickers with the logo on them.

Final ET Logo-gray


About Spencer Eusden

Spencer returns to the Elite Team for his third year. Originally from Maine, and a graduate of Bowdoin College, Spencer was part of the inaugural summer collee program and returned to California after graduation. Spencer has seen the Elite Team grow substantially in prestige over the past 3 years and is excited to be a part of it again. He also works extensively with Far West’s Junior skiers, and volunteers for Auburn Ski Club’s 1-2-3 program. He also is instrumental in organizing some of the popular fundraising programs for the team, including the Team Dinner and the Beer Tasting at New Moon Foods.

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