This photo sums up my birkie:

Thermal blankets are stylish as well as warm

Thermal blankets are stylish as well as warm

I got cold again (like two years ago) and had to add some festive attire. I still haven’t learned just how much colder Wisconsin is than California. Still a great trip and tons of fun. Congrats to Matt Gelso and Patrick Johnson on their great finishes!

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Originally from Boise, Idaho and a graduate of Colby College, Wyatt is entering his 4th season on the Elite Team. Wyatt is always contender in any distance race. Having recently completed his Masters’ Thesis, he is currently working as a hydrologist at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada. He has also given back to the region by frequently training with our junior and master skiers and teaching and working at Far West Nordic fundraisers.

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