Today’s race was a tough one. First off it was debatable whether or not temperatures were warm enough to hold the race, which is -4F….

Maybe if we all huddle around the thermometer it might warm up enough to race.


Despite ambiguous temperature legality, the crew at Bohart did a great job taking care of some very cold skiers and spending long hours outside themselves. Someone from the race crew checked me for frostbite mid-race today. As ridiculous as that is, I was impressed on how hard everyone was working to pull off the races.



I still can’t quite feel some of my toes.

That being said we had some great skis thanks to Tim Whiton, former Bates skier and Bowdoin Coach. Who bravely stood around in  the cold waxing our skis.


If Tim looks cold, that’s because he is.

The race itself went alright for me. I was glad to be back racing post-concussion, but have some catch up training to do before the next Supertours.

About Spencer Eusden

Spencer returns to the Elite Team for his third year. Orignially from Maine, and a graduate of Bowdoin College, Spencer was part of the inaugural summer college program and returned to California after graduation. Last year he put in a big volume push and looks to build of off that results-wise this year. Spencer can also claim to be the hungriest member of the Elite Team.

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