Park skiing and stone grinding

Got in some rare Reno skiing around Ranch San Rafael Park near my house. Actually decided to ski the road on the way to the park. Then, because I liked stone grinding my skis on asphalt, I took the Tahoe XC kids up to Brockway summit to ski the road in the late afternoon. Nice sunset up there but wicked cold.

Reno Skiing

Reno Skiing


Sunset on Brockway

Sunset on Brockway with the kids

About Wyatt Fereday

Originally from Boise, Idaho and a graduate of Colby College, Wyatt is entering his 3rd season on the Elite Team, Wyatt will again be contender in any distance race. Having recently completed his Masters’ Thesis, he will be putting in some quality hours this fall. Last season he had some impressive results both locally and on the national level. Top races included 16th in the SuperTour Finals Hill Climb, 1st in the Billy Dutton, 4th in The Great Ski Race, 49th at the American Birkebeiner, and overall winner of the Fischer Cup.


  1. Cool write ups and photos – you guys are all amazing!!!!

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