Live from Bozeman

Live feed from Bozeman

Today we tried to wax some skis in order to test waxes for the race Sunday, but it was so cold the iron wouldn’t turn on, which for reference happens around -12 F. We almost always do some intervals the day before a race, as this has been shown to boost performance. Although when the air is this cold, breathing hard can do some serious damage to your lungs. With a High of -10F today, we got a little creative to do a pre-race workout.



About Spencer Eusden

Spencer returns to the Elite Team for his third year. Orignially from Maine, and a graduate of Bowdoin College, Spencer was part of the inaugural summer college program and returned to California after graduation. Last year he put in a big volume push and looks to build of off that results-wise this year. Spencer can also claim to be the hungriest member of the Elite Team.

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