I often find this time of the year, when it’s starting to get cold and days are getting shorter, some of the toughest times to keep up quality training. Luckily we received a little motivational gift the other day as proof that winter’s not that far away.


However, cold early morning workouts do lend themselves to pretty nice sunrises.


In other news: Rudy Project, whom you may know for making great sunglasses and helmets, also makes some VERY high quality temporary tattoos.


Seriously, I’ve had one 8 days and multiple, 5 in fact, thorough showers and it is still mostly visible.




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Spencer returns to the Elite Team for his third year. Orignially from Maine, and a graduate of Bowdoin College, Spencer was part of the inaugural summer college program and returned to California after graduation. Last year he put in a big volume push and looks to build of off that results-wise this year. Spencer can also claim to be the hungriest member of the Elite Team.

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