On Snow Again

Wednesday Patrick and I drove to West Yellowstone in search of some skiing. The drive was aggravatingly long (12 hours more or less straight). Despite eating on the road we were still able to eat relatively healthily, broccoli feels surprisingly kind of like an ice-cream cone in hand.



On arrival we found that there was as much snow as we had hoped and put in a solid day of skiing Thursday. For those of you at home packing your bags, it’s definitely race ski conditions.


This was especially exciting for me, since I have been sitting on the bench for the last 4 weeks with a concussion. As much as it was painfully boring to sit around for the last month without training, I’ve been amazed how supportive the nordic community has been in helping with my recovery. In particular, Nina Winans of the Center for Health & Sports Performance helped me put together a plan to get back to training. Today I skied for 3 hours, which doubled my total training hours for November, and felt great.

Adventure Time!!

Patrick and I will shortly be taking off in the general direction of West Yellowstone to get some skiing in before the rest of Far West group gets there on the 23rd. It will certainly be an adventure.


Until then I offer this to you for entertainment…


Elite Team Fundraiser Friday!

Friday at New Moon Natural Foods in Truckee from 5 to 8 p.m. there is a beer tasting featuring Mammoth Brewing Company. There is a 10$ suggested donation and all donations go to the Elite Team.

That wonderful time of the year..

When we get to start skiing again. It wasn’t much or pretty but it was still really awesome. Thanks to Auburn Ski Club for doing a lot with a little snow.


Here’s Franz getting it done.


Also now that we have stepped up from being farmers to elite skiers, it was time we had our own logo. Many thanks to all those who put it together and I must confess I have already ordered stickers with the logo on them.

Final ET Logo-gray


Wear your helmet/Don’t be covered in klister



That’s right wear your helmet. This past week both Wyatt and I sustained some sizable bumps on the head, but are more or less alright thanks to some noggin protection.

Since I’ve had to take a few days of training I went through a rather neglected back of hardwax/klister I’d be avoiding for the last 6 months. I managed to separate most useable (a.k.a not covered in klister) items from unusable items (covered in klister) while only mildly covering myself in klister. I looking for a way to clean myself off I came across the product pictured below in a closet. I have tried a large number of anit-klister products on the market and this one worked miles better than anything else.


This stuff = the anti-klister


Pre-Daylight Savings Camp

Last week I went to to Boise, ID to visit some former teammates who are coaching the Bogus Basin Nordic Team http://bogusbasinnordicteam.com/. Wyatt, a product of BBNT, came with me to visit his parents who are from Boise. We tried to make the most of being a low altitude for the week and fit in a bunch of speed work. The whole trip was a lot of fun, Boise is the most bike friendly city I’ve ever been to and has a very welcoming nordic community.

I do have to report that on each leg of the drive Wyatt ate or drank something he found in a gas station parking lot.



Of course on the drive back we looked for a sweet #summitsunday, but we thought this sunset along one of many flat stretches of road was fitting



In addition to some quality low elevation speed sessions, I learned about Ice Blocking (which though surprisingly simple is a lot of fun).

Good Ideas





Proper, and a lot of, nutrition is crucial to training and racing fast. This evening Wyatt, Patrick, Johannes, and myself accidentally created a delicious system where the apple crisp drips buttery goodness onto the roasting chicken. YUMM!



I often find this time of the year, when it’s starting to get cold and days are getting shorter, some of the toughest times to keep up quality training. Luckily we received a little motivational gift the other day as proof that winter’s not that far away.


However, cold early morning workouts do lend themselves to pretty nice sunrises.


In other news: Rudy Project, whom you may know for making great sunglasses and helmets, also makes some VERY high quality temporary tattoos.


Seriously, I’ve had one 8 days and multiple, 5 in fact, thorough showers and it is still mostly visible.