nordicnews2015-coverThe 2014-2015 edition of Far West Nordic’s NORDIC NEWS is available at your favorite cross country ski area and local XC ski shop in Northern California. It’s chock-full of lots of great information for you about cross country skiing, racing, where to ski, how to train, stay injury-free, and much more. It also contains the Far West Nordic RACE SCHEDULE for 2015, so you can calendar out your schedule easily. Pick one up at your local ski center, or if you want, you can view it online by CLICKING HERE.

2014 Nordic News



Look for it at a ski area or ski shop near you!
Available online.

In this year’s Nordic News you’ll find

“Fast, Female, & Pretty in Pink, The US Ski Team’s Rise” by Brad Rassler
“The Awkward 80’s, A History of Skating” by Nancy Fiddler
“Pushing The Walls” The Walt Raineri Story by John Gerbino
“Be…..Here…..Now!” A Junior Racer’s Perspective by Skyler Mullings
“The Kangaroo Hoppet” Skiing Down Under by Ben Grasseschi

and much more…