The David Quinn Award

peter-holmes-dq-awardThe Dave Quinn Award: PETER HOLMES

Each year the USSA  Junior Cross Country Subcommittee presents the David Quinn award to recognize Junior Olympics athlete who best exemplifies the ideals of the cross country ski sport which Dave Quinn expressed through his life. In addition to outstanding results, nominees should have special attributes such as love for the sport, leadership, overcoming hardship, work ethic, etc., which make them unique.

Congratulations Peter!!


JN 3×3 Freestyle Relays

In today’s 3×3 km freestyle relays Far West Nordic MU20 team of Peter Holmes, Shane Christian, and Patrick McElravey placed 2nd, our FU16 team of Hannah Halvorsen, Lizzie Larkins, and Jenna Rohlf placed 4th, our FU20 team of Laurel Fiddler, Danielle Nivinski, and Amanda Kirkeby took 8th,  and our MU16 team of Brandon Herhusky, Ryland Belsile, and Skyler Mullings took 10th as did our MU18 team of Dylan Syben, Julien Bordes, and Sam Zabell

FU16: Halvorsen-Larkins-Rohlf 4th, Parker-Burrill-Lang-Ree 19th
MU16: Herhusky-Belisle-Mullings 10th
FU18: Blide-Hardy-Riggs 21st
MU18: Syben-Bordes-Zabell 10th, Carroll-Deeter-Bold 21st
FU20: Fiddler-Nivinski-Kirkeby 8th
MU20: Holmes-Christian-McElravey 2nd

Race results

Congrats to the Far West Nordic Junior National team for a great week in Stowe!!

2015 XC Junior Nationals Organizing and informational meeting

jo09_relay_volunteers3 copyThe 2015 USSA  XC Junior Nationals are coming to the Auburn Ski Club Training Center and Far West March 8-14th 2015!  It will be our region’s turn to welcome the Nation’s best cross country skiers, coaches and spectators and show them what Far West is all about. With our successful 2005 and 2009 JN’s to work from our goal will be to host another world class week of ski racing and off snow events.

On March 29th from 3pm to 5pm the ASC Training Center invites you and the Nordic community to join us for an informational meeting to learn about the event and how you can be part of the team. 

We will present an overview of the event and the various responsibilities of the committees.  In the meantime, we invite you to sign up on-line HERE even if you’re unsure of what your role will be.  Read more

JN Classic Sprints

holmes-sprint-podiumClassic Sprint day at Stowe and Peter Holmes won his 2nd National Championship taking 1st MU18. Other highlight results of the day Hannah Halvorsen 4th in the FU16 A Final, Lizzie Larkins 3rd in the FU16 B Final, Patrick McElravey 5th MU20 A Final, and Laurel Fiddler 5th in the FU20B Final. Making the quarterfinals Skyler Mullings, Trace Calvin, and Ryland Belisle, Brandon Herhusky in the MU16, Jenna Rohlf in the FU16, Dylan Syben MU18, and Danielle Nivinski FU18.

Qualifier Results:
MU16: Brandon Herhusky 14th, Skyler Mullings 23rd, Ryland Belisle 26th, Trace Calvin 28th, Casey Jobe 35th, Connor Kusumoto 56th
FU16: Hannah Halvorsen 1st, Lizzie Larkins 9th, Jenna Rohlf 28th, Bri Parker 56th, Kyla Burrill 63rd, Eleanore Hamilton 64th, Claire Lang-Rae 65th 
MU20: Patrick McElravey 4th, Shane Christian 57th
MU18: Peter Holmes 1st, Dylan Syben 17th, Julien Bordes 31st, Sam Zabell 40th, Peter Carroll 49th, Aaron Deeter 57th, Carson Bold 73rd
FU20: Laurel Fiddler 12th
FU18: Danielle Nivinski 29th, Savannah Blide 48th, Bria Riggs 52nd, Amanda Kirkeby 68th, Elise Hardy 78th

JN Classic Interval Start

holmespodiumMonday, the first day of competition at the 2014 Junior Nationals, were the 5k/10k classic interval start races. The highlight results of the day were Peter Holmes taking 1st MU18, Hannah Halvorsen 3rd FU16, and Patrick McElravey 6th MU20.

10k MU18/MU20: Peter Holmes 1st MU18, Patrick McElravey 6th MU20, Shane Christian  35th MU20, Peter Carroll 38th MU18, Dylan Syben 45th MU18, Julien Bordes 49th MU18, Sam Zabell 51st MU18, Aaron Deeter 59th MU18, Carson Bold 72nd MU18
5k MU16: Skyler Mullings 19th, Ryland Belisle 24th, Brandon Herhusky 28th, Trace Calvin 43rd, Casey Jobe 49th, Connor Kusumoto 61st
5k FU18/FU20: Bria Riggs 54th, Danielle Nivinski 57th, Savannah Blide 80th, Amanda Kirkeby 102nd, Elise Hardy 110th
5k FU16: Hannah Halvorsen 3rd, Lizzie Larkins 9th, Jenna Rohlf 41st, Bri Parker 44th, Kyla Burrill 57th, Eleanore Hamilton 61st, Claire Lang-Ree 62nd


Follow the Team on their JN Blog and on their Facebook page!


Far West Nordic Junior National Team


The Far West Nordic Junior National Team and 8 coaches are headed to Stowe,Vermont from February 28- March 9th. Follow the Team on their JN Blog and on their Facebook page!

The following are the athletes on the Far West Nordic Junior National Team for 2014. 

U16 Girls:  Kyla Burrill, Hannah Halvorsen , Eleanore Hamilton, Elizabeth Larkins, Claire Lang-Ree, Bri Parker, Jenna Rohlf
U18 Girls:  Savannah Blide, Elise Hardy, Amanda Kirkeby, Danielle Nivinski, Bria Riggs
U20 Girls: Laurel Fiddler
U16 Boys: Ryland Belisle, Trace Calvin, Casey Jobe, Brandon Herhusky, Connor Kusumoto, Skyler Mullings
U18 Boys:  Carson Bold, Julien Bordes, Peter Carroll, Aaron Deeter, Peter Holmes , Dylan Syben, Sam Zabell
U20 Boys:  Shane Christian, Patrick McElravey 


  • February 28 through March 9
  • Open to all Junior National Qualified athletes for 2014.
  • Cost:  $1640
  • Far West Uniform: $250
  • Signup/Payment Deadline: Thursday, February 20
  • Mandatory Team & Parent Meeting: Saturday, February 22 @ 4 pm at Auburn Ski Club (after the State Championships)

Junior Nationals this year will be held at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, March 3rd through the 8th, 2014. Our group will be staying at the Stowe Motel & Snowdrift, in a combination of houses and rooms. We are striving for every athlete to have his/her own bed accommodation. Food services will be supplied by the incomparable team of Linda and David Dore Catering.

Far West Nordic has established the price this year to reflect two important discounts:

1)  Our standard “Cost-Recovery” percentage has been reduced.

2)  Far West Nordic has included a $100 trip subsidy per athlete in the cost of this trip.

This cost includes all Coaching, Food, Lodging, Ground Transportation, and Entry Fees. It does not include Air Transportation (if necessary) from California to Vermont or incidental/food costs while traveling to and from Vermont.

Additional information on our Junior Trip page.

Sign Up


fw_logo-small06This season there were 7 Junior National Qualifiers. Junior racers had to ski in 4 of the 7 races, and have a QUALIFYING time in 3 races, including both a classic and a freestyle (skate) race.
Pending acceptance of their spot on the team, the following are the athletes that qualified for the Far West Nordic Junior National Team for 2014. The Team and 8 coaches head to Stowe,Vermont from February 28- March 9th
Thanks to all who participated in the races this season.
Way to Go Team!

U16 Girls:  Kyla Burrill, Hannah Halvorsen *, Eleanore Hamilton, Elizabeth Larkins, Claire Lang-Ree, Quinn Lehmkuhl*****, Bri Parker, Jenna Rohlf
U18 Girls:  Savannah Blide, Elise Hardy, Camille Hartley*****, Amanda Kirkeby, Danielle Nivinski, Bria Riggs, Tara Gallant *****
U20 Girls: Laurel Fiddler ****, Katrin Larusson***
U16 Boys: Ryland Belisle, Trace Calvin, Casey Jobe, Brandon Herhusky, Connor Kusumoto, Skyler Mullings
U18 Boys:  Carson Bold****, Julien Bordes, Peter Carroll, Aaron Deeter, Peter Holmes *, Dylan Syben, Evan Vomund*****, Sam Zabell
U20 Boys:  Shane Christian, Patrick McElravey **

* = Pre-Qualified on Basis of U.S. Scandinavian Cup Criteria
**= Pre-Qualified on basis of Top 20 Junior at U.S. Nationals
***= Pre-Qualified on basis of top 20 College Rankings but declined due to NCAA selection
****= Accepted via Petition Process
*****= Qualified, but declined competing at JN’s

Complete JN standings.