Allan Bard Classic 2012

Allan Bard Classic

Allan Bard Classic 2012It was a nice , sunny, cold day at Tamarack Lodge for the Allan Bard Classic, the 2nd Junior National Qualifier of the season. Farm team racer Kara LaPoint won the 20k women’s race and August Teague won the 20k Men’s race.In the OJ/J1 boys 10 kilometer race Patrick McElravey was 1st, Jordan McElroy 2nd, and Branden Deeter 3rd. For the OJ/J1 girls 5k race Katrin Larusson was 1st, Cassidy Cichowicz 2nd, and Laurel Fiddler was 3rd. In the J2 5k girls race Bria Riggs was 1st, Gabi Rinne 2nd, and Amanda Kirkeby 3rd. In the 5k J2 boys race 1st place went to Dylan Syben, 2nd to Peter Holmes, and 3rd to Sam Zabell. Hannah Halvorsen and Brandon Herhusky won the J3 classes. The final JNQ race is the President’s Cup on February 20th.

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