We believe competitive cross-country skiing offers great benefits to the community and to individuals of all ages and abilities. As a division of the United States Ski Association (USSA), our mission is to promote, develop, and expand cross-country skiing within the USSA Far West Region (California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii). We accomplish this by working with ski clubs, ski areas, and directly with our membership of individuals and families.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Promoting and supporting XC ski clubs, ski venues, coaching, and race development within the Far West Region
  • Attracting new individuals and groups to XC racing
  • Developing junior, senior, and masters athletes* to their full potential through education and world-class coaching
  • Providing financial support to high school junior ski programs and through individual grants and scholarships
  • Selecting junior, senior, and masters regional teams and support members competing at national and international levels
  • Creating lifelong successful athletes at all levels of ability


* juniors: under age 20; seniors: ages 20-29; masters: ages 30 and up


Far West Nordic Ski Education Association Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

photos by Olof Carmel