Squaw Valley Mountain Run

31st Annual Squaw Valley Mountain Run

Over 500 people ran or hiked the 31st annual Squaw Valley Mountain Run. Starting at the base of Squaw Valley USA (6200’) the course climbs the 3.6 mile mountain run to High Camp (8200’).  First place went to the 2011 Billy Dutton Uphill winner JP Donovan at 29:52.7 and 2nd place to Galen Burrell at 30:14.6. Far West Farm Team racer Michael Collins was 3rd overall with a time of 30:21.9. Far West juniors Andrew Cobourn was 4th at 32:21.1 and Austin Meng was 6th at 33:31.4.  For the women 1st place went to Kristin Walstad at 35:52.2, 2nd place Liz Gottlieb at 36:43.1, and Far West racer Kari Rust was 3rd at 38:08.5.

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