2014 Fischer Cup

Results are final for this year’s Fischer Cup competition. Congratulations to 2014 Fischer Cup winners Kara LaPoint, Holly Whitney, and Janelle Webb in the women’s division and Patrick Johnson, Spencer Eusden, and Peter Holmes in the men’s division.

For 2014 participants are allowed to “drop” their ONE lowest race score of any eligible race, but must include the 1 Classic race in their final totals.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this great event and thanks to Dan Hill and Fischer for their continued efforts and sponsorship.

Fischer Cup information.
Fischer Cup standings.

Holly Whitney (2nd), Kara LaPoint (1st), Janelle Webb (3rd)

Holly Whitney(2nd), Kara LaPoint(1st), Janelle Webb(3rd)

Spencer Eusden (2nd), Patrick Johnson (1st), Peter Holmes (3rd)

Spencer Eusden(2nd), Patrick Johnson(1st), Peter Holmes(3rd)