USSA SuperTour Finals


SuperTour Events kick off this week. The courses are marked at Auburn Ski Club, the athletes are arriving, and the bibs look great. There are many non-competition events including Meet the Athletes, Ski with a Pro, and Fast and Female XC Ski CHAMP Camp.

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Tom’s Race Canceled

Bear Valley Cross Country received six inches of new snow with this last storm! The groomed trails and xc skiing are great this week! Their tentative closing date for the 2012/13 ski season is projected to be Sunday, April 7th (snow conditions permitting). However, due to the low snowfall they’ve experienced this winter, they feel that by April 6th the trail conditions will not allow us to set an appropriate race course for the annual Tom’s 10K Classic Ski Race. So, they have made the decision to officially CANCEL TOM’S 10K CLASSIC RACE FOR THE 2012/13 SEASON.

Glide the Divide

Glide the Divide_Ralph & BruceGlide the Divide (North Routt Coureur des Bois), Steamboat Springs, CO

This year’s start-finish was at Columbine, about an hour’s drive north of Steamboat.  A 6 km spur (out and back) connects the start-finish to the main 45 km loop at rest stop #1 (Little Red Park). There begins a very scenic clockwise loop that initially heads due north to the Wyoming state line (rest stop #2, the “Wyoming Funny Farm”, where they had lots of goodies including whiskey and bacon!), then southeast back into Colorado for a very difficult climb up to the Continental Divide. After several kilometers (heading south) of sharply rolling terrain including rest stop #3 along the Divide, an exciting and technical downhill brings skiers into an open area called Big Red Park. Continuing west for about 10 km, rest stop #1 is again reached.  The one-lap 55 km course has about 3750 feet of climbing; the two-lap 100 km course has about 7200 feet of climbing (sounds like a couple nice bike rides, eh?) 

Spring conditions prevailed for Saturday’s race. Luckily, mostly overcast skies kept a lid on the temperature, preventing the transformed but clean snow from breaking down. Grooming was superb, so the skiing was fast and fun.  Ralph Johnson won the M60-69 age group (eighteenth overall) in the 55 km skate race (3:29:06). I finished fourth in the M50-59 age group (fourteenth overall) in the 100 km skate race (6:57:59). A highlight for me was racing against (Olympian) Johnny Spillane. I lined up right behind him for the start, and I managed to hang with him for maybe 10 seconds! This is a well-organized and very fun event: a great course with great views and great rest stops staffed with great people. Go do it!      -Bruce Pauly

JN Classic Mass Start

northtahoeboysThe final races of the 2013 Junior Nationals were the classic mass start competition. Congrats to Peter Holmes for his 2nd place finish in the MJ1 competition!

10k FOJ: Joelle Romo 24th
15km MOJ: Patrick McElravey 13th, Alex Kopytko 47th, Branden Deeter 48th
*10km FJ1: Katrin Larusson 14th, Bria Riggs 58th, Skyler Flora 60th, Danielle Nivinski 66th, Raylene Chew 69th, Camille Hartley 70th
*10km MJ1: Peter Holmes 4th, Shane Christian 37th, Evan Vomund 72nd, Aaron Deeter 73rd
5km FJ2: Hannah Halvorsen 16th, Lizzie Larkins 44th, Amanda Kirkeby 54th, Savannah Blide 57th
5km MJ2: Sam Zabell 18th, Julien Bordes 20th, Peter Carroll 43rd, Brandon Herhusky, Casey Jobe 49th, Skyler Mullings 53rd

In the J1 divisions guest Norwegian skiers took the 1st, 2nd, and 6th spots in the boys division and the 1st, 2nd, and 4th spots for the girls. Because the Norwegians are ineligible for medals and team points all J1 results will be moved up accordingly. Peter Holmes was 2nd.
Full results
Alaska Cup Points

North Tahoe High School boys won the Roger Westin award for the highest scoring  male High School team and Sugar Bowl girls team took third place! Great job Far West athletes!!!!

Congratulations to the entire Far West Nordic Junior National Team for a fantastic week!

JN Freestyle Sprints

jn2013-sprint_halvoren-hannah-podiumThe team awoke to -9 degree temps for todays freestyle sprints. The highlight result of the day was a 3rd place finish by Hannah Halvorsen for the J2 girls, a 4th place for Patrick McElravey in th OJ boys, and a 6th place by Dylan Syben in the J2 boys competition. Making the quarterfinals were Sam Zabell, Julien Bordes, and Peter Carroll in the J2 boys, Katrin Larusson in the J1 girls, Joelle Romo in the OJ girls, and Peter Holmes in the J1 boys.

Far West Nordic results:
MJ2: Dylan Syben 6th,  Julien Bordes 15th, Peter Carroll 20th, Sam Zabell 23rd, Brandon Herhusky 49th, Skyler Mullings 50th, Casey Jobe 53rd
FJ2: Hannah Halvorsen 3rd, Lizzie Larkins 34th, Amanda Kirkeby 52nd, Savannah Blide 55th, Kyla Burrill 61st
FOJ: Joelle Romo 25th
FJ1: Katrin Larusson 13th, Danielle Nivinski 52nd, Bria Riggs 64th, Raylene Chew 65th, Skyler Flora 69th, Camille Hartley 72nd, Elise Hardy 77th
MOJ: Patrick McElravey 4th, Alex Kopytko 51st, Braden Deeter 52nd
MJ1: Peter Holmes 16th, Shane Christian 52nd,Evan Vomund 70th, Aaron Deeter 73rd

Friday is a training day followed by the final JN race, the classic mass start competition on Saturday.

JN 3×3 Classic Relays

In today’s classic 3 x 3.3 km relays Far  West Nordic’s MJ2 team of Dylan Syben, Julien Bordes, and Sam Zabell placed 5th and our MOJ team of Peter Holmes, Shane Christian, and Patrick McElravey took 7th.

MJ2: Syben-Bordes-Zabell 5th, Herhusky-Mullings-Jobe 15th
FJ2: Halvorsen-Larkins-Kirkeby 13th
MJ1: Carroll-Vomund- A Deeter 21st
MOJ: Holmes-Christuan-McElravey 7th, Kopytko-B Deeter-Wiltz 21st
FOJ: Romo-Flora-Hartley 12th
FJ1: Larusson-Riggs-Nivinski 17th

Junior Nationals Freestyle Interval Start

2013 JN teamMonday, the first day of competition at the 2013 Junior Nationals, were the 5k/10k freestyle interval start races. The highlight results of the day were Patrick McElravey 5th MOJ, Katrin Larusson 6th FJ1, Peter Holmes 8th MJ1, Julien Bordes 8th MJ2, Dylan Syben 10th MJ2, and Hannah Halvorsen 10th FJ2.

10k MOJ: Patrick McElravey 5th, Alex Kopytko 50th, Branden Deeter 53rd
*10k MJ1: Peter Holmes 8th, Shane Christian 30th, Evan Vomund 59th, Aaron Deeter 69th
5k MJ2: Julin Bordes 8th, Dylan Syben 10th, Sam Zabell 30th, Peter Carroll 33rd, Casey Jobe 48th, Skyler Mullings 49th, Brandon Herhusky 50th
5k FOJ: Joelle Romo 25th
*5k FJ1: Katrin Larusson 6th, Danielle Nivinski 53rd,Skyler Flora 70th, Camille Hartley 73rd, Raylene Chew 74th, Elise Hardy 76th
5k FJ2: Hannah Halvorsen 10th,Kyla Burrill 42nd, Lizzie Larkins 53rd, Amanda Kirkeby 56th, Savannah Blide 60th

*In the J1 divisions guest Norwegian skiers swept the boys division and took 2 of the top spots for the girls. Because the Norwegians are ineligible for medals and team points all J1 results will be moved up accordingly. Katrin Larusson was 3rd and Peter Holmes took 5th.
Full results

Reid Wins 15k at NCAA Championships



Joanne Reid completed her Colorado University career with a win in the 15k freestyle. Joanne has had an outstanding season, winning 8 of the 10 RMISA races. Far West alumni Annika Taylor 35th and Austin Meng was 37th in Saturday’s 15k/20k freestyle races. 

In Thursday’s 5k/10k classic races  Joanne Reid came in 4th, Annkia Taylor 22nd,  Austin Meng was 30th in his first NCAA Championship.