2013 USSA SuperTour Finals

ST-Design-webThe USSA SuperTour finals are the premier cross country ski races in the US, held annually in the spring so that the top American skiers can return from the FIS World Cups to compete with 200+ of our nation’s best domestic cross county skiers. The SuperTour finals are a mini-tour of four races that cap off the 2012-2013 SuperTour series. The times from all four races are combined, with sprint and climbing preems similar to stage racing in cycling, to determine the yellow bib (over all winner), the green bib (best sprinter), white bib (best jr, U19), and the polka-dot bib (best climber.) The 4 SuperTour races are open to any skier, whether or not they hold a USSA, FIS, other license – or even none at all. However, a skier will not receive any USSA points unless they hold a USSA license – same for FIS:  no license = no points.

This is your opportunity to race against the best skiers in the US and visiting foreign nationals!!


For the women’s 30k on Wednesday April 10 and the men’s 50k on Thursday, April 11, all participants must be USSA current license holders if a US citizen, or a current FIS license holder if foreign national. 

Visit the SuperTour website for more information.