2013 Nordic News

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This year’s Nordic News features articles by coaches, juniors, seniors, masters, and parents. Paige Derdowski and Stacey Herhusky offer a “Survival Guide to the Care and Feeding of a Nordic Junior,” Emily Blackmer tells us why Tahoe has become the go-to summer training destination for college skier’s in “Our Little Training Oasis,” Sam  Zabell teaches us that biathlon is a year round sport, Sally Jones shares some “Tricks of the Trade,” Andy Pasternak reveals the secrets of “The Nordic Fountain of Youth,” JD Downing offers his tips for Nordic Fitness Success in “Time Management Training,” Kara LaPoint reminds us that our “Mind is Your Most Important Muscle for Training,” Martin Benes shares his plight in “Confessions of a Nordic Ski Junkie,” and much more.