Tahoe Rim Tour 2012

2012 Tahoe Rim Tour

Tahoe Rim Tour
April 7, 2012
Race Results

It was a beautiful klister day for the 2012 Tahoe Rim Tour. 121 racers skied or snowshoed the 26 kilometer course from Tahoe XC to Northstar XC. Despite a broken pole, August Teague won the men’s classic division with a time of 1:23:09, Farm Team racer Gustavo Johnson took 2nd at 1:23:24, and Far West junior Jordan McElroy took 3rd at 1:23:35. In the women’s classic division Farm Team racer Kara LaPoint took 1st at 1:38:42, Nancy Fiddler and Laurel Fiddler tied for 2nd at 1:49:08. In the women’s skate division Beth Thomas won with a time of 1:25:24, Debbie Hakansson was 2nd at 1:28:38 and Genevieve Evans was 3rd at 1:30:26. Jason Walenta won the men’s skate division at 1:21:54, Greg Walker was 2nd at 1:23:54, and Mike Lafrancois was 3rdat 1:25:07. Ross McMahan held onto his title in the snowshoe division with a time of 1:49:22.

Thanks to Tahoe XC and Northstar XC for a wonderful day!