2012 Mammoth Marathon

100 racers enjoyed the fresh snow for this year’s Mammoth Marathon. Farm Team racer Wyatt Fereday placed first in the full marathon at 2:07:58.2, August Teague was 2nd at 2:09:40.5, and Farm Team racer Gus Johnson was 3rd at 2:17:42.2. In the women’s race Beth Thomas was 1st at 2:40:53.7, Far West junior Cassidy Cichowicz was 2nd at 2:47:24.1, and Mischel Twining was 3rd at 2:47:54.5.  In the women’s half marathon Nancy Fiddler was 1st, 3rd overall, at 1:11:22.2, Laurel Fiddler was 2nd, and Katrin Larusson was 3rd. Evan Vomund won the men’s race at 1:08:55.7, Ben Grasseschi was 2nd, and Brandon Herhusky was 3rd, 4th overall. Dylan Syben and Amanda Kirkeby were the winners of the Junior 10k race.

Race Results