Classic Races at West Yellowstone

There were bright blue skies, frigid temperatures, and solid track for the classic races on Saturday in West Yellowstone.

Mens 10km classic
Matt Gelso 2nd in his class (4th overall) 25:44.6
Elias Bucher 21st in his class (43rd overall) 28:00.9
Phillip Violett 25th in his class (60th overall) 29:02.6
Jordan McElroy 6th in his class (76th overall) 29:52.5
Patrick McElravey 12th in his class (91st overall) 31:06.7
Wyatt Fereday 34th in his class (97th overall) 31:36.5
130 total male racers

Womens 5km classic
Cassidy Cichowicz 10th MJ1 (51st overall) 17:39.3
Laurel Fiddler 12th MJ1 (60th overall) 18:07.6
Bria Riggs 4th FJ2 (71st overall) 18:38.6
90 total female racers

Thank you to Mark Nadell for risking frostbite to shoot these photos!

West Yellowstone Freestyle Races

Mens 15km Freestyle
Matt Gelso 4th in his class (4th overall) 37:40.4
Elias Bucher 15th in his class (28th overall) 40:56.0
Wyatt Fereday 23rd in his class (64th overall) 42:58.5
Alec Wiltz 11th in his class (88th overall) 46:03.3
Joe Piercy 15th in his class (103rd overall) 52:26.4
104 total racers
Womens 10km Freestyle
Katrin Larusson 4th FJ1 (37th overall) 31:20.4
Joelle Romo 10th FJ1 (66th overall) 35:05.3
70 total racers

photos by Mark Nadell

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West Yellowstone Sprints

The 2012 USSA SuperTour started Wednesday in West Yellowstone with the classic and freestyle sprint races.  Far West Nordic did well on a clear, cold day.

Freestyle Sprints:
Patrick McElravey took 6th in his age group (46th overall) 3:53.41.
Wyatt Feredey took 16th in his age group (59th overall) 4:03.30.
Alec Wiltz took 14th in his age group (67th overall) 4:19.45.
Brandon Herhusky took 11th in his age group (83rd overall) 4:38.44.
At large member Matt Gelso took third overall (3:24.77).
92 total male racers
Laurel Fiddler took 5th in her age group (31st overall) 4:42.14
Cassidy Cichowicz took 7th in her age group (33rd overall) 4:45.52
60 total female racers
Classic Sprints:
Katrin Larusson took 1st place in her age division (23rd overall) 5:07.97
Bria Riggs took 2nd in her age division (31st overall) 5:41.49
Joelle Romo took 6th in her age group (39th overall) 6:11.60
47 total female racers
Jordan McElroy 4th place in his age group (40th overall) 4:27.15
Alec Wiltz 7th in his age group (50th overall) 4:47.62
Wyatt Feredey took 13th in his age group (51st overall) 4:49.47
Joe Piercy took 12th in his age group (58th overall) 5:08.56
At large member Matt Gelso 8th place in his age group (16th overall) 3:57.22
69 total male racers


Biathlon Sprint:
Dylan Syben 1st overall 29:47.4

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Would you like to earn Far West Bucks and help support Far West Nordic?  There are still a few spots open to join with us wrapping gifts at Amazon in Fernley, Nevada.  Shifts are from 7:30am-noon and 12:30-5pm on the following dates:  November 28th and December 1st, 12th, 13th, 15th, & 19th.  Contact Karen Sessler for more info.  

Far West Nordic Wax Clinic

Glenn Jobe Saturday December 10, 2011
1:00pm at Auburn Ski Club

Far West Nordic’s comprehensive waxing clinic will be conducted by two of the area’s foremost wax gurus: Glenn Jobe and Ralph Johnson.
Glenn and Ralph have decades of experience testing various kick and glide wax products from most manufacturers. The Tahoe area experiences challenging waxing conditions due to wide fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and the water content of the snow not only during the course of a season, but during the course of an individual race. From dealing with these challenging conditions, Glenn and Ralph have found that the products of some wax manufacturers work well in certain conditions, while the products of other wax companies work best in other conditions. Their learnings will be shared as well as their know how of how best to apply which types of waxes and how to decide which base structure is best under which conditions. The clinic will cover both kick and glide waxing, but there will be somewhat more focus on kick waxing.

Details on our Masters Clinics page.

Online registration is now closed. Walk ins welcome.

ASC Trails Open Wednesday: updated

Winter is here to stay on Donner Summit. Auburn Ski Club received 16″ of new snow over a thin layer of frozen old snow at the Training Center.
Snowmobile grooming has started and they have a 1.5K loop ski-able. It’s limited and rough but ASC will open for cross-country skiing Wed., Fri., Sat. and Sun. The Training Center office will be open 8:30am to 4:00pm those days.
Happy skiing and happy Thanksgiving

Thursday update:
ASC has snow cat groomed a 1.5K loop with classic and skate lanes and will be open for cross-country skiing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (8:30am to 4:00pm). Conditions are surprisingly good but skiers should be on the watch for rocks – as is normal early season! Please check in to the Training Center to get your membership and season pass or a special early season $10 day pass

Friday update: ASC remains open with a limited number of trails. Check their XC trail report for the latest update.