Oregon Kamp 2011 by Ben Grasseschi

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Who is “they” and what do “they” know?
If it is true that one picture is worth that much then by looking at the pics on the Far West website, one might conclude that the recent Pacific Northwest/Far West Junior Training Camp up on the coast of Oregon (near Port Orford) had very little ‘training’ in it and lots of fun. Well, these so-called experts; “they”, are only partially right.
While we did have an enormous amount of beach/play time, the camp was quite arduous if each athletes made it so. What “they” also do not know is that the cameraman was often “working out” with the teams and not talented enough to do both camera and rollerski, or he got left behind (actually, physically, and, emotionally!) while rollerskiing and his camera was in the van, or he just ran out of camera battery, or just plain forgot about the camera because he did.
But, meanwhile, the athletes were training. Twice-a-day workouts were scheduled but many athletes went surfing, kayaking, running, sun catching, skim-boarding, blackberry picking, and eating, lots of eating, in between. Read more

Trail Day 2011

On Saturday, 13 August, 19 Far West athletes, 1 Far West coach, and 3 Far West parents, joined, Kevin Starr, from the Truckee Donner Land Trust to do our annual Trail Work Day.
On the docket for this work session was the Donner Lake Rim Trail (DLRT) between Summit Lake and Hole-in-the-Ground Trail. From a training stand-point, this is a great hiking/running/mtn biking trail so we wanted to “give back” to the very venues that sustain our folly.
It was a beautiful summer morning when we headed up from Castle Peak Exit just off of I-80.
First up was sign replacement project. Led by Mitch Dion, Team “Cal-Trans” quickly dug out the broken old sign post stump, made the hole deeper, then put in the ‘new’ post, tamping it down to be sure it was sturdy. Read more