Monday, January 31, 2011
Otepaa, Estonia

On the final day of the World Junior Championships in Otepaa, Estonia the American team of Amy Glen, Kinsey Loan, Jessie Diggins and Joanne Reid finished seventh in the women’s 4 x 3.3km relay and  Team Canada featuring Russell Kennedy, Patrick Stewart-Jones, Aaron Gillmor, and Andy Shields placed 9th in the men’s 4 x 5km relay.

Race Results


Alpenglow 20k
January 31, 2011

A few inches of new snow made for a difficult Alpenglow 20k at Tahoe XC. Beth Reid was 1st in the women’s race, 3rd overall, with a time of 1:03:41, followed by Kara LaPoint at 1:10:24, and Julie Young at 1:11:44. In the men’s wave August Teague was 1st with a time of 59:47, Todd Hensley was 2nd at 1:03:18, and Gus Johnson was 3rd with a time of 1:04:30.

Race Results
Photos by John Gerbino


Joanne Reid

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Today was Pursuit day at the 2011 Junior World Championships in Otepaa, Estonia.
Joanne Reid was 24th, 2nd for Team USA  in today’s 10km women’s Pursuit and  Russell Kennedy was 2nd for Team Canada and 42nd overall in the men’s 20km Pursuit.

Race Results


Saturday, January 29, 2011 was classic distance day.

In the 15K men’s classic, Austin Meng was 1st MOJ with a time of 42:56.6…Great job Austin! In the 5km MJ2 division Katrin Larusson took 2nd, and in the 3km MJ3 race Sam Zabell was 4th. In the 10km FJ1 division Annika Taylor was 8th.

Far West results:
5km FJ2: Katrin Larusson (2nd), Raylene Chew (16th), Bria Riggs (20th), Skyler Flora (36th), Danielle Nivinski (41st), Camille Hartley (44th)
5km MJ2: Jackson Rohlf (29th), Brandon Flora (73rd)
3km MJ3: Sam Zabell (4th), Skyler Mullings (25th)
3km FJ3: Gabrielle Rinne (13th), Savannah Blide (19th)
10km FJ1/FOJ: Annika Taylor (8th FJ1), Joelle Romo (32nd FJ1), Allie McDaniel (45th FJ1)
15km MJ1/MOJ: Austin Meng (1st MOJ), Jordan McElroy  (11th MJ1), Justin Ondry (30th MJ1), Patrick McElravey (31st MJ1), Alex Kopytko (37th MJ1), Alec Wiltz (40th MJ1), Joe Piercy (63rd MJ1), Evan Dion (21st MOJ), Branden Jeeter (72nd MJ1)

Race results


After a cold night, there was sunshine for 1st day of the Intermountain/Rocky Mountain Super JOQ races on the Soldier Hollow Olympic Trails. 25 Far West Nordic Junior athletes competed in Friday’s  Sprint Competitions.

The highlight results of the day was an overall win by Sam Zabell in the MJ3 Boys competition (a wave start 2.6 km race), a 4th place finish by Katrin Larusson , a 5th place finish by Laurel Fiddler, and a 10th place by  Bria Riggs (4th in the “B” final) in the FJ2 division, and a 5th place finish by Annika Taylor in the FJ1/FOJ division. Others advancing to the quarterfinals, but not moving on to the later heats included Raylene Chew (13th  FJ2), Austin Meng (26th MJ1/MOJ), and Jackson Rohlf (19th MJ2). Gabrielle Rinne was 6th in the FJ3 division.

Rounding out the Far West were Skyler Flora (31), Danielle Nivinski  (34), Camille Hartley (61) in the J2 girls, Joelle Romo (31) and Allie McDaniel (48) in the J1/OJ girls, Alec Wiltz (31),  Patrick McElravey (32), Jordan McElroy (43), Evan Dion (45), Justin Ondry (56), Joe Piercy (72), Alex Kopytko (77), and  Branden Deeter (102) in the J1/OJ boys, and  Brandon Flora (80) in the J2 boys, and Skyler Mullings (18)  in the MJ3 race and Savannah Blide (19) in the FJ3 division.

Race Results
Photos by MacBeth Graphics

Tomorrow is distance Classic day, so stay tuned…

Skate Technique Video Clinic

January 29, 2011 at Tahoe XC
This year our skate clinic will be led by Peter Mayfield. Peter has been involved with cross country ski instruction for over 30 years.  In the mid 80’s he was one of the top senior racers in Far West, competing in three US Nationals.  Today, Peter is a lead examiner and clinician for PSIA, and continues to race. This clinic will focus on analyzing and improving your skating technique and improving performance in skate races. This clinic will include 2 hours of “on snow” time where coaches will review various aspects of how you skate ski, help you correct bad habits, and identify opportunities for improving your skiing.

Details on our Masters Clinics page.