Tahoe Rim Tour 2011 Classic Start

2011 Tahoe Rim Tour


Tahoe Rim Tour
January 23, 2011
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Race Photos by Mike LeFrancois
Race Photos by Bob Owen

The 4th Annual Tahoe Rim Tour was graced by beautiful weather and great klister conditions. 242 racers skied or snowshoed the 26 kilometer course from Tahoe XC to Northstar XC. In the men’s classic division Far West coach August Teague led the climb but Farm Team racer Elias Bucher took the lead on the downhill. August regained the lead for the final switchbacks and out of the last turn but Elias won the final sprint to the finish with a time of 1:19:12. Farm Team racer Michael Collins took 3rd at 1:20:47. In the women’s classic division Farm Team racer Chelsea Holmes took first with a time of 1:23:56, followed by Beth Reid at 1:25:57, and Farm Team racer Kara LaPoint was 3rd at 1:32:13. The Women’s Skate race was won by Beth Thomas with a time of 1:23:02, followed by Susan Reynolds at 1:24:14, and Molly Zurn at 1:28:30. Rick Reynolds won the men’s Skate race at 1:11:14. Donatas Ereminas was 2nd at 1:13:32 and Joe Dengler was 3rd at 1:15:51. Ross McMahon and Dolores Bergmann won the Snowshoe Division with times of 1:42:15 and 1:48:56.

Thanks to Tahoe XC and Northstar XC for a wonderful day!