2011 President’s Cup
February 21, 2011
Auburn Ski Club

After last weeks storms brought over 7 feet of fresh snow to the summit, the venue for the 2011 President’s Cup was changed to Auburn Ski Club. Far West Nordic juniors and coaches swept the men’s 11.5 kilometer race. Austin Meng won in 28:33.7 , followed by Jordan McElroy at 28:40.7, and August Teague at 28:51.3. In the women’s race Beth Reid was 1st at 31:38.4, Kari Rust 2nd at 32:47.1, and Susan Reynolds was 3rd at 35:02.0. Brandon Flora and Skyler Flora won the 5 kilometer race and Haydn Halvorsen and Keelin Davis were the winners of the 3 kilometer race.

Race results
Photos by MacBeth Graphics